Biodiversity enhancement works for Gloucester City Council orchard
March 26, 2016
Ecological Appraisal, bat surveys & mitigation at McArthurs Warehouse, Bristol
March 28, 2016

Ecological Impact Assessment & Phase 1 habitat, bat, reptile and badger surveys at Bristol Arena

Bristol Arena

T his flagship project within central Bristol will deliver a 12,000 seat indoor arena with associated landscaping works.  Wild Service have been involved in the project from the very beginning, providing detailed baseline surveys of the site to allow the design team to maximise the ecological value of the final scheme.  These surveys included Phase 1 Habitat, bat, reptile and badger surveys.  Camera traps were used to monitor otter use of the surrounding waterbodies to ensure the proposals took account of any potential impacts on this species.  Wild Service produced the Ecological Impact Assessment for the Environmental Statement and have been working closely with the Landscape Architects to ensure the habitats created on site reflect both its geographical location and historical use.  We also assisted the sustainability team in delivery the BREEAM communities side of the project.