W e have experience in the design and delivery of mitigation projects across some of the most challenging sites in the UK. In order for it to be a success mitigation needs to be very well designed, implemented and maintained. Wild Service meet all these criteria and more.

We understand that time constraints are often a factor in mitigation projects and work extremely hard to ensure that this element is delivered seamlessly and fits with the timeline of client projects.

The design stage looks at all factors concerning the site, aiming add value to client projects and having a positive overall effect on the ecology and biodiversity of the site. We provide structured and well organised implementation, we can also prepare ongoing site management plans and deliver maintenance schedules.

Habitat creation and restoration services

W e provide a variety of habitat creation and restoration services. We believe that by employing these services and working alongside development project managers we add value to projects, giving positive ecological benefits alongside the commercial aims of the project.

We are happy to work alongside clients utilising skills and equipment they may already have on-site to help reduce costs, or we can provide a fully resourced service.

Prior to construction works commencing we can also carry out an appraisal of existing resources on site which could be used in the construction and creation of compensatory habitat. This can further help to reduce costs and could negate the need to take soil or woody vegetation offsite.

We provide the following habitat restoration and creation services.

  • Receptor site planning and design
  • Receptor site construction and management
  • Pond design, construction and management
  • Woodland planning and design
  • Implementation of tree planting schemes
  • Hibernacula construction
  • Grassland translocations
  • Wildflower meadow creation and maintenance
  • Hedgerow planting and maintenance
  • Hedgerow translocations
  • Wetland creation and management
  • Artificial badger sett construction
  • Artificial otter holt construction
  • Invasive species control

Fencing & Supporting Services

W ild Service supply and install the following types of wildlife and general fencing.

  • Permanent & semi-permanent Herptile fencing (newts, reptiles)
  • Badger fencing
  • Water Vole fencing
  • Otter Fencing
  • Tree protection fencing
  • Agricultural fencing
  • Woodland protection fencing

Alongside the supply and installation of fencing we also provide supporting services.

  • Emergency fence repair and maintenance
  • Fence checks and maintenance programs
  • Supply and installation of pitfall traps/refugia
  • Supply and installation of gates (for all types of fencing)
  • Supply and installation of crossings (for all types of fencing)
  • Supply and installation of badger gates
  • Fence removal
  • Fence line vegetation clearance and management

Services relating to Badgers

A s a part of the leading organisation working for wildlife in Gloucestershire, Wild Service are  well placed and resourced to offer advice, guidance and practical services when badgers are encountered as part of a development project.

We offer the following services relating to badgers

  • Pre-planning badger surveys
  • Desktop badger surveys
  • Site monitoring
  • Badger mitigation
  • Badger mitigation method statements
  • Full project planning and management of badger mitigation
  • Licence applications for sett closures
  • Licence applications for working on or near active badger setts
  • Licence supervision work
  • Artificial sett design and construction
  • Project planning
  • Presentations and talks
  • Badger Vaccination Programmes

We have experience in carrying out badger works on all types of sites from large construction projects where setts were located beneath buildings to small annexe setts in woodlands.