Green Infrastructure

W ild Service can support all of your green infrastructure needs with our team of land managers and ecologists.

What is green infrastructure?

Green infrastructure describes all the natural features in urban and rural landscapes. It explains how they are connected and how their interconnectivity helps to deliver benefits for wildlife, people and the wider landscape. Natural features included in the definition of green infrastructure include natural and semi-natural areas, greenspace, parks, gardens, open space, green or wildlife corridors, rivers, canals, woodland, wetlands and various other sites of ecological value.

Why is understanding green infrastructure important for developers?

U nderstanding how green infrastructure fits into your development isn’t necessarily about doing anything different or adding any additional costs to your overall design.

Rather, it’s about getting the most out of your existing plans to ensure you meet with the planning requirements to enhance the overall ecological quality of your development proposal, significantly improving your chances of a smooth passage through planning.

Planning policy requires that all new development schemes deliver a net biodiversity gain through ecological enhancement of the development site (National Planning Policy Framework, 2012); that you consider how your development will increase levels of health and wellbeing for existing and future communities; and finally how your scheme will improve the local economy by creating attractive places to live and work. Wild Service can help you address each of these points by ensuring you design and deliver a high quality environment.

Green Infrastructure Products

W ild Service can help you with your green infrastructure design and design appraisal. We can prepare bespoke management plans to reassure decision makers that you have considered the ecological impact of your development scheme long into the future. To help with this, we can also cost ongoing green infrastructure maintenance schedules.

Our green infrastructure consultants have strong links with the Wildlife Trust and build their turnkey approach to green infrastructure on the most up-to-date research and knowledge, ensuring that your development stands out as a scheme which is both valuable and sustainable. Therefore we are unique in the sector as an ecological and land management consultancy.