Great Crested Newt by Phillip Precey
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March 23, 2017
Lesser Horseshoe Bat – Photo Credit: Thomas Foxley
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May 8, 2017

Senior Ecologist Glenn Norris granted Barn owl survey licence

Photo by Shelly, Avon Wildlife Trust
Photo by Shelly, Avon Wildlife Trust

Photo by Shelly, Avon Wildlife Trust

We are delighted to announce that Glenn Norris, one of our senior ecologists at Wild Service, has been awarded a Barn Owl survey licence by Natural England.

After completing several surveys for Schedule 1 birds such as eagles, hen harrier, peregrine, red kite, osprey, red- and black-throated divers in Scotland, Glenn has concentrated on expanding his knowledge of lowland species including the barn owl.

Barn owls are most commonly found in open countryside where they nest in buildings or large trees and hunt over areas of rough grassland, diving upon unsuspecting voles.  They are offered robust protection under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 and must not be disturbed during breeding season, without a licence.

It is vitally important to consider the potential presence of barn owls before entering the planning process as a well-designed scheme that will appropriately mitigate and compensate barn owls for any loss of habitat will undoubtedly ease the passage through the planning system.

If you require help and advice regarding your project and barn owls, please don’t hesitate to contact Glenn or any other members of the ecology team who will be happy to assist.